Irondequoit High School held the graduate workshop Jan. 4.
This visit by 19 members of the class of 2017 marked the 15th time that graduates have been invited back to their alma mater to share their insights on life after Irondequoit High School.
The former students had lunch with IHS Principal Doug Lauf, Superintendent Jeff Crane, IHS counselors and administrators and reflected on the preparation for life that West Irondequoit provided. They shared their thoughts on the strengths and suggestions for improvement on a West Irondequoit education.
Then the graduates moved to the auditorium stage as the current senior class joined the group for a Q&A session. This was followed by a similar session with the junior class. The topics ranged from academic expectations and workload to technology and meeting new people.
The workshop gives West Irondequoit faculty feedback on the work they do each day. All members of the graduating class are invited, by letter, to attend the workshop. The goal each year is to hear from young people who have chosen a variety of paths: two- and four-year colleges, the workforce, military and travel.