Continental Service Group Inc., known as ConServe, recently announced the compliments counter, displayed on their website as a testimonial of their commitment to Fostering Financial Freedom, recently surpassed the 50K milestone.
The company culture is geared toward helping good people get out of a bad situation. Improving the human condition is part of their corporate mission statement.
With this type of mindset and training, their employees receive complimentary correspondence from consumers. In 2015, they started tracking the number of compliments they received: as both a validation of the positive impact they make on people’s lives and as an incentive to continue empowering people through education, compassion and helpfulness.
ConServe also recently received the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics and the Rochester Business Ethics Foundation ETHIE award for exemplifying ethical business practices in the community and the industry.
“The ConServe team’s commitment to helping obligors embark on the path to resolving their debts, while providing them with a world class experience, is a testament to the employee’s character,” said Brandon Booker, vice president of operations at ConServe. “ConServe debt counselors take time to understand the obligor’s situation that caused them to reach this point, and with empathy and through education, they help the obligor navigate towards resolution of their debt. There is no greater reward for doing so than receiving a compliment that expresses an obligor’s relief from a difficult financial situation and gratitude for the help they received from our debt counselors along the way. I couldn’t be more proud of our team’s commitment to the essence of our mission, which is satisfying the needs of our clients in a manner that is consistent with improving the human condition.”