Dunn and Rice Design recently commemorated its 30th anniversary in business by launching its new website.
The marketing, branding and graphic design agency is located on North Goodman Street in Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts. It formed in 1987, and specialized in corporate graphic design services. It now offers full-service integrated marketing communications services such as marketing, branding, graphic design, website design and advertising design.
“So much has dramatically changed in our industry from 30 years ago,” said Clay Girouard, president. “Back then, our services focused on designing printed corporate communications since there was no such thing as the internet. As technology advanced, we evolved with it into a multifaceted, strategic marketing communications firm.”
Girouard worked for the company for over 25 years, and became owner in 2013.
“For me, the most surprising thing that happened in the last three decades was how quickly computers and the internet changed the graphic design business, the printing industry and print-related businesses,” Girouard said. “When I started, we did everything by hand. Every piece of type was hot waxed and applied to an art board, illustrations were airbrushed and we went through a box of exacto blades every week.”
Dunn and Rice Design serves various businesses, and provides consumer products to clients ranging in size.
“With the launch of our new website, the future is more exciting than ever,” Girouard said. “Our current and potential clients can now see our full-range of services and capabilities.”
Visit dunnandrice.com for information.