Emily Huynh recently earned first place in the Gates Chili Middle School Geography Bee.
As the 2017 champion, Huynh will take a written qualifying test to compete in the New York State Geography Bee in Albany. If she qualifies and wins at the state competition, she will go on to compete in the National Geography Bee in Washington, D.C. in May. First prize is a $50,000 college scholarship.
To qualify in the preliminary rounds of the Geography Bee at Gates Chili MS, students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades had to earn a top score on a test given in their social studies classes.
Thirty-two students earned top scores: Rheen Abbas, Spencer Anderson, Kristopher Benson, Rebecca Bready, Jack Dallo, Olivia DiMaria, Deniz Erol, Marley Ford, Samirah Gonzalez-Ortiz, Ian Hahn, Alan Henry, Huynh, Tyrik Jones, George Kirk, Paul LaDeau, Jerry Lin, Ethan List, Amilya Maniphonh, Jayden Matlock, Kyleigh Meisenzahl, Gavin Murray, Thien Nguyen, Nisa Oksuz, John Oldfield, C.J. Reed, Brendan Shaw, Bryanna Smith-Dillio, Alaya Stewart, Raymond Stubbings, Dylan Sweeney, Mikayla Toscano and Makayla Travis.