The Harley School unveiled its new, sustainable kitchen by turning it into a classroom March 9.
Three teams competed “Chopped”-style in an event that challenged two teams from its Food and Society course and one team from its Food and Farm course. Students used ingredients grown at Harley or obtained as part of a farm share provided by The Good Food Collective. The new Harley Commons teaching kitchen further enhances the school’s focus on edible education and sustainability. Local food experts judged the competition determining that the teams tied in the end.
Judges were Adam Wilcox, a Harley parent and food writer; Amanda Antinore, food writer and former Williams and Sonoma cooking instructor; and Pedro Hoil, a Harley parent and Executive Sous Chef at City Grill restaurant in Rochester.
“Cooking and food has been a big part of the Harley community for a long time,” said Seth O’Bryan, director of The Harley School Commons. “This is truly an incredible opportunity for our teachers and students as we create an even more integrated, learning opportunity that further strengthens our program. We understand that taking food from a garden or farm and making it something you eat is a very important part of being a sustainability leader. We are truly grateful to the USDA and other donors who helped bring this new kitchen to fruition.”