As a colleague and a friend of Supervisor Bill Moehle, I know my motive for this letter will be questioned. However, my hope is that its message will provide impetus toward civility in the remaining Whole Foods incentive zoning discussion.
I spent many years working with Bill on projects large and small during my tenure on the Brighton Town Council and feel compelled to share my experience. He has served the community for over 25 years and is incapable of the charges leveled against him. He is not a “deal maker,” but rather a team builder.
Let me share some examples of his efforts through the years to help build our (team) community. As attorney to the town and now as town supervisor, he was instrumental in numerous incentive zoning successes including: the CVS replacing the Travelers Motel, the Brickyard Trail, components of Buckland Park, the requirement of the University of Rochester to make payments in lieu of taxes on future development, the Reserve on the Canal and the St. John’s/Brickstone community. Even the sidewalks on Clinton Avenue from Highland to Elmwood were a product of incentive zoning.
I sincerely understand the concern that some residents have in the proposed Whole Foods Plaza; and, honestly, I don’t know how I would vote. What I do know is that the Town Council and Supervisor Moehle are being transparent and feel strongly about listening to community input.
Finally, as this project comes to a final decision in the coming weeks, I hope we can all agree that communities grow and thrive on citizen involvement but never on innuendo and character attacks. Let this remaining time be spent on bringing out the best in our community.
Ray Tierney III