I was brought up to have an open mind about everyone, everything and to believe that if someone has an idea or thought that is different from mine, to give them a chance to prove or disprove their theories.

In today’s world and for the last several decades that the idea of giving another person the benefit of doubt unless they believe the same way as you do has not only damaged the way I think but also many others.

I want to give people who think differently than I do a chance to change my mind, but with left-leaning liberal Democrats and the left-leaning mainstream media pushing only their agenda for how I should think makes it harder and harder to accomplish.

If things do not change in the near future, then not only will the dream of America be lost to the ages but will also lead to a civil war where in the end, we as legal citizens of this great nation will all lose.

Does anyone want to join with me in keeping the United States of America safe, free and able to choose what is best for us and our families?

Greg Romeiser