In a recent letter, Joe Nacca was taken to task for reminding us how many millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted in the defunct Smart Systems technology project off state Route 332 and alerting us to another taxpayer-funded corporate welfare handout in the offing for the same property.

The writer then went on to express her hope that Professor Nacca doesn’t destroy his students’ dreams of success. I’m certain Joe stresses just the opposite — a desire for his students to learn and prosper from their mistakes. His point is that our state and local leaders haven’t learned from their failures and throw taxpayer dollars at making the same mistakes.

I wish that all of our country and state officials were Joe’s students and as diligent as Joe Nacca, who should be applauded, not criticized, for his reminders and warnings. In fact, I urge some party to draft Joe for county or state office either this year or next. I have no idea to which political party, if any, Joe belongs, but this Democrat would vote for him in a heartbeat.

Please keep up the good work, professor.

Pat Crowley