Hey high schoolers, take a closer look at what your parents are doing to make sure your days of high school sports will be the best of your lives

Just as it’s never too late to be thankful, it’s never too early to understand why. 

I’m looking at you, high school athlete.

It’s a reasonable assumption that Sunday morning finds you in good spirits. It’s Christmas and although you probably don’t drag your parents out of bed at the first sign of sunlight like you did 10 years ago to open gifts, chances are good you’re happy and content.

You know why, too, because you know from where your gifts came. Which makes today as good a day as any to take another look at your parents. But don’t just look at your parents, LOOK at your parents.

See what they’re doing, what they’ve done and what they will continue to be doing for you. It may be difficult to see, but it’s not your fault. This vision will come in time, with more life experience and that’s not something you can rush.

But at its base, you know what your parents do to make you happy, especially when it comes to your participation in high school sports. They take you to practice and pick you up. They go to your games and they meet you at the school parking lot when the bus arrives from road games.

Maybe they wash your uniform, host teammates for meals and are part of the various booster clubs at your school. That’s a lot, of course, and it’s easy to say thanks in passing to mom and/or dad as you dash out the door or check your social media feed.

But really, that’s just the beginning.

Outings with friends are sacrificed. Hobbies are put on hold. Schedules around work shifts are negotiated to provide transportation, and then there’s the gear. Specialized footwear, sticks, bats, gloves and pads, just to get started. 

To the point, this stuff ain’t cheap. And for some parents, overtime at work or even a second job is needed to cover the costs.

All of this comes together from your parents for one reason only: You. Well, maybe you and your brothers and sisters. But really, it’s about you.

They do this because of their desire for your childhood to be even better than what they had. They do this because they love to see the smiles sports bring to your face. The friendships you’ll make and the memories you’re creating. They know all about this because they probably experienced it themselves, or at least wish they had.

For the most part, all of this is done without complaint. And even if you do hear them complain, it’s just surface irritation. Because if they really didn’t like doing this for you, they wouldn’t.

But they do, and to be sure, it’s not easy. 

The thing is, this is the highest and most powerful level of love there is on this earth. Sacrifices are made without complaint so that someone you care about can pursue dreams.

So yeah, take another look at mom and dad today. Think about what they’ve done to make sure you get to practices and games on time, games on time, have a clean uniform and are there in the stands for your games. 

Take another look and if you’re feeling the moment, say thank you like you’ve never said it before. Maybe a handshake, fist bump or even a hug to punctuate the gesture.

Trust me, this will mean more to them than any gift you wrapped.

Chavez is sports editor at The Daily Messenger. Contact him at rchavez@messengerpostmedia.com, or follow me @MPN_bchavez