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Pickleball is a sport that’s a little bit tennis, a little bit pingpong, a little bit badminton, and a whole lot of fun, said Nancy McGory, senior coordinator for the Brighton Recreation Department.

If that sounds like an intriguing way to get some exercise in these dreary winter months, McGory has one more reason for saying, “TGIF.”

Drop-in games will be played at the rec center, starting this Friday.

The paddle sport, which McGory said was named after the inventor’s dog, has spread by word-of-mouth since it was created 20 years ago.

When she saw people from their 50s to 80s playing in a demonstration, she knew it was Brighton’s turn to get in on the racquet racket.

“People were laughing and having a good time with it,” McGory said.

Eloise Myers, 59, of Brighton, gave the game a try at a demonstration last Friday. She will be back.

She enjoys playing tennis, but it’s a little hard this time of year to enjoy the sport outdoors, she joked.

This game helps her get her fix of racquet sports, and she saw a friend she hadn’t seen in a while playing.

Soon, they’ll be playing together.

“This was fun, and gives the chance to get some exercise," Myers said. "I enjoy learning something new and being around other people.”