The work on the bridge that spans Irondequoit Bay between Webster and Irondequoit has been under way since late this spring.

Project tracker:

COST $10 million


The details

The New York State Department of Transportation is in the midst of the construction phase of a bridge maintenance project on the Route 104 bridge, commonly called the “Bay Bridge,” over Irondequoit Bay.

The purpose of the project is to improve the structural components of the existing bridge. Specifically, all four expansion joints, which allow the bridge to contract and expand due to temperature changes, are being replaced. Those joints can be seen on the top of the road.

In addition, structural steel components that have deteriorated are being replaced, certain areas of the bridge are being painted, and navigation lights, under the bridge, that are required by the Coast Guard are being replaced.

Eighty percent of the project is being funded with federal dollars, said Tom Mialki, state DOT construction engineer in charge, with the remaining 20 percent coming from the state. He added that the work is “all preventative maintenance.”

The progress

The primary contractor on the project is Crane-Hogan Structural Systems.

To date, work has focused on repairs of the 10 concrete piers (or columns) that hold up the bridge, Mialki said.

Next will come painting, “but that’s a long process,” he said, because of the cables and catwalk system that have to be erected before the actual painting can occur. The portions of the underside of the bridge that are being painted will be a sage green, as they are now, he said.

Due to the expansion joint replacement, there will be up to 16 nights during the project when the bridge will be closed in one direction only, Mialki said. This is expected to occur in overnight hours, and traffic will be detoured onto Empire Boulevard and Bay Road.

The project will have a winter shutdown, from about mid-November until spring, probably sometime in March.