Owners Jim and Greg Papas hired a New Jersey company that specializes in miniature golf courses to help with a full restoration of Parkside Whispering Pines on Culver Road.

What's going on, you might ask ... we have the answer!

The question
What’s going on at the historic Parkside Whispering Pines miniature golf course at 4383 Culver Road in Sea Breeze?

The answer
Brothers Jim and Greg Papas, owners of the miniature golf course as well as Parkside Diner next door, are doing a major restoration of the course.

Parkside Whispering Pines is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest operating miniature golf course in the U.S.

The Papas brothers hired Bob Horwath, a company based in Cape May, N.J., that is known for building miniature golf courses, to refurbish all but three of the 18 holes on the course. A windmill at one of the holes has been replaced with a lighthouse that will have a lighted “beacon.”

“We’re going for a nautical theme,” Jim Papas explained, noting that Horwath and his crew arrived Oct. 10 and should be done sometime this week, depending on weather. The Papas brothers and their families have been helping out.

The Papases have owned the facility for almost 15 years.

What this means to you
The restoration, said David Schantz, chairman of the Sea Breeze Business Association, “will really raise the bar and greatly improve the business climate in the area ... This will be a high quality facility.”

“We’re re-grading and putting new carpet and trim on every hole, and have put in more obstacles and new walkways,” Jim Papas said.

The signature pine trees on the course have also been trimmed.

The miniature golf course closed for the season in mid-September and will open again in the spring.

“It’s going to look nice when it’s done; we’re very excited ... It will be a tourist destination,” Papas said. “And, it’s something for Irondequoit to be proud of ... It needed this.”