I have lived in the Town of Greece for many years; Iíd say I am a life-long resident. I have heard about Bill Reilichís plans to enhance our parks, and I for one couldnít be happier.
We have a lot of great recreational areas in the town, but over time, I think many of the covered areas and lodges are looking rather tired. I spoke to Bill about this recently while he was going door to door. I know that Bill is committed to improving our parks, and freshening up our lodges in the town parks is tops on his list. It is unfortunate when trying to book graduation parties or reunions that Greece is not on the top of my list. While Braddock Bay Lodge is nice, it really needs a facelift, and Bill identified that is one of the projects he would like to look at after taking office. I am optimistic that next summer we will all be able to take advantage of some new or improved spaces.
Bill shared that he has already done his homework, he has identified that there is a large sum of money in the dedicated parks funds. He is willing to look at ways to refresh our parks while also keeping an eye on the bottom line. Imagine fresh new spaces in our parks to gather with family and friends without having an impact on us as taxpayers.
I think Billís commitment to the residents in providing local areas for recreation is commendable. Bill, youíve got my vote.