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Was it a magnitude-5.1 earthquake that hit Los Angeles last week? Or a 5'0" dynamo named Abby Feldman who shook up LA? Last weekend, Feldman, 26, a Pittsford native now living in Brooklyn, NY, hit Hollywood for the LA Web Fest. Both her shows, Love Abby and Gringolandia, were nominated; both took home awards.
How does a girl from the Rochester burbs get to LA? Like the old joke: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice!
Her performing journey began in backyard Kiddie Karnivals. At 2 Abby was belting out Kokomo. Summers were for acting camp. At Pittsford Sutherland High School she created and ran their TV news show. She won teen pageants and academic scholarships. Her most rewarding win, however, was an AFS  scholarship which brought her to Argentina before her freshman year at Syracuse University.
Immersion in Argentine language and society set Abby on a multicultural path and fueled her travel lust. During semesters abroad, in Europe and South America, she had many opportunities: writing for major Spanish-language newspaper, La Voz;  and acting with traveling troupe The Performers.
Following her graduation with highest honors from Newhouse School, a Fulbright scholarship in Buenos Aires allowed Feldman to make a probing documentary, The Border, about mental illness. She was featured in Renascence,about post-9/11 trauma, which won Best Foreign Short at 2011 NYC International Film Festival.
Back in the United States Abby studied method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute; Improv at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB); along with sketch comedy writing and stand-up. She regularly performs comedy and hosts shows in Manhattan clubs including Caroline's, Culture Fix and Beauty Bar.
If you miss Abby in NYC, check out her website: or YouTube. She's Annie in adorable Annie and Rosco on-line pet care ads and a kooky mom on Nickelodeon TV commercials. She's Mary in couple's counseling with Joseph on Funny or Die channel's History vs. Herstory.
Love Abby is an improv-based VLOG-style series on YouTube. As the show's host, Abby, gives entertaining answers to viewers' questions. Media sharing global network, Fullscreen, recently partnered with Penny Lane Pictures' Love Abby which won Best Series: Writing and Host in LAWEBFEST in best series.

Her second web series, Gringolandia, a mockumentary about off-beat experiences of a Chilean immigrant in NYC, won in the comedy category. Providing translation for this popular bilingual production, Feldman also is co-writer and a supporting actor.
True, it's an honor to be nominated. But thrilling to win... twice!