Although many of you know me as a Nurse, I went to nursing school just 14 years ago. It took me many years to find out my true passion is providing hospice care to the dying. My previous positions include: hospital candy striper, dietary aid, hair shampooer, bank teller, collections agent for VISA credit cards, U. S. mail letter carrier, film deliverer, home-school teacher, resident counselor at Heritage Christian Services, baker and caring for an elderly friend. After I received my R.N. degree, I worked in the Oncology field for eight years before becoming a hospice nurse.
The reason I am writing is to share with you that we all have a story. I want to try to make a difference in the way we care for hospice patients in a comfort care home setting. That is why I have started plans to open the Story of Hope Comfort Care Home, Inc. We still have a long way to go before we can begin serving our friends and family in the community. We are currently working on getting our 501(c)3 status which is an arduous process.
Story of Hope Comfort Care Home, Inc. will be located in Gates, NY. It will serve individuals in their last 3 months of life in a peaceful, supportive and nurturing environment. We are sincerely trying to eliminate some of the common barriers that other comfort care homes have in regards to the patients that they can accept. Our home will be free of charge to the patients and open to people from every walk of life.
We are beginning our search for the right one-level home in Gates and a donated house that could be sold to provide extra funding. Our current needs include:
Board Members (2 year commitment) Secretary Legal Counsel (lawyer or CPA) Marketing Team Events Coordinator Photographers (for advertisements) Businesses that can provide financial or material support Our future needs (within the next year) include: Volunteer Remodelers (construction workers, plumber, electrician, painters, grounds keepers, maintenance, etc.) Nurses (part time, per diem and trainers) Human resources co-coordinator Volunteers to provide client care Writers for our Story of Hope memorials Funding (about $100,000 to open the house)
What will your story be? Are you willing to help? Please contact me. You can also check out our website that is still under construction.
Arlene Nanry, RN 585-613-1512