Lee Schutt, a 57-year-old who worked for the Hopewell town highway department, was the man killed in Tuesday's crash in Farmington, Ontario County Sheriff's deputies stated in a release.

FARMINGTON — A 57-year-old who worked for the Hopewell Town Highway Department was killed in Tuesday afternoon’s crash in Farmington, Ontario County Sheriff’s deputies stated in a release early Tuesday evening.

Sheriff’s deputies said Wednesday morning that the victim was Lee Schutt, 57, of 2228 Archer Road, Clifton Springs.

Schutt, the driver of the highway department pickup truck, was a longtime employee of the department, said the sheriff’s office. Schutt was on his way to Monroe County for parts at the time of the crash, said deputies. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Ontario County Coroner Kevin Henderson. An autopsy will be done Wednesday to determine the cause of death, said deputies.

The crash at the intersection of Route 96 and Payne Road shortly before 12:30 p.m. Tuesday involved four vehicles, including a truck carrying six tons of grain, deputies said.

Two others were transported to Strong Memorial Hospital following the crash, including an 86-year-old woman who was listed in guarded condition Wednesday morning.

Deputies said John E. Pinnock, 48 of 5936 Terrace Lane, Farmington (with a passenger, James Leroy, 48, of the same address) was driving a pickup truck west on Route 96 when the left front tire fell off his 2001 Dodge pickup. The tire went into the eastbound lane. John Hurst, 71, of 7220 County Road 3 in Fillmore, Allegany County, was driving east in a 2001 International grain truck loaded with six tons of grain. Hurst saw the tire coming into his lane and tried to stop, deputies said. The grain truck started to tip over and go into the westbound lane. The truck then struck and tipped over on a vehicle driven by the Hopewell highway worker, who was going west on Route 96. A second westbound vehicle driven by Dawn M. Cobb, 75, of 3255 Route 96, Clifton Springs, struck the grain truck as it was sliding on its side.

The highway worker was ejected from his vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cobb was taken by Victor Farmington Ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital with chest injuries and was listed in satisfactory condition Wednesday morning, according to the hospital’s patient information. Her passenger, Marylynn Pierson, 86, of 48 Hampton Lane, Fairport, was taken by Shortsville Ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital for chest and side injuries following the crash. Pierson was listed in guarded condition this morning.

Though the intersection is largely surrounded by farmland, there were people who saw the crash and reacted immediately by calling 911. One of them was Tom Elliot, an electrician from Scottsville, Monroe County, who was doing a job at a log cabin on a farm near the intersection. He had just returned from lunch, he said, and was working inside the building when he heard a crash. Thinking it might be construction materials falling outside the building, he stepped out and saw the horrific scene. He called 911 and walked the short distance to the scene where he and another person helped the driver out of the grain truck as emergency responders began arriving.

Elliot said it was indeed a sad day.

The intersection of Route 96 and Payne Road was closed between County Road 8 and County Road 28 for more than three hours after the crash.