Today’s heavily discussed issue of gender has made its way to the Rochester area via casual fashion.

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Today’s heavily discussed issue of gender has made its way to the Rochester area via casual fashion. Irondequoit native and former Massachusetts prosecutor Dana Babbin (née Leccese) is trailblazing with her new gender-neutral clothing line, Pink Truck Designs – a brand seeking to blur the gender divide with its unprecedented options.

Pink Truck emerged from Babbin’s twin daughters’ love for trucks, trains and other male-associated symbols. Unsuccessful in her search for similarly embellished clothing in girls’ sections of leading department stores, Babbin decided “it's time to change gear.”

“Not being able to find what my girls wanted was unfair," said Babbin. "Plus, my friends with pink-obsessed little boys couldn't find outfits adorned in pinks or pastels in the boys’ sections. It just made me realize how children are pigeonholed into stereotypes so early.”

Designed for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults, the brand features outfits that sport pink images of fire trucks, tugboats, police cruisers and other iconography traditionally associated with males in fashion. Through its selection of disruptive apparel, Pink Truck strives to generate awareness for gender equality.

“By wearing our clothing, Pink Truckers spread the word that it’s cool for girls to like trucks or for boys to like pink,” said Babbin. “Our designs communicate that it’s not a gender thing - it’s a kid thing!”

Available online at are six designs - Pink Truck, Pink Train, Pink Plane, Pink Engine, Pink Cruiser and Pink Tugboat - in a variety of color options. Between t-shirts, hoodies and even bibs, it’s the perfect apparel for the back-to-school bus.

By early fall, Babbin also plans to launch her newest design, Pink Car, along with an exclusive men’s cut for her growing male fan base. “I’ve been receiving overwhelming interest from teen boys in Pink Truck,” said Babbin. “It really is for everyone!”

With plans always brewing, Babbin values community involvement in all brand ventures. “Spreading my message throughout the region I call home is super important to me. Our children need to understand it’s okay to be themselves!”

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