Irondequoit High School students recently finished competing in the second challenge of DECA’S virtual business sports, retail and accounting computer simulation competitions.

The DECA competitive events have students make business decisions on a computer in a simulated business environment.

Senior Justin O’Dell made decisions in the retail event that required analysis on purchasing, expired goods, demographics, marketing research data, store floor layout, shoplifting, back-room inventory and cash register management. Over four weeks, O’Dell would run a virtual store for a year. Each time he uploaded his performance to a website, he would be ranked. Afterward, O’Dell would revise his project and run another virtual year to improve his previous performance.

On Feb. 5, O’Dell was ranked first in the country out of 800 teams. O’Dell will compete at the DECA International Career Development Conference in April in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the virtual business sports event, junior Shane Costantino and senior Dante Piccolo analyzed market research data to establish ticket prices for a virtual stadium for home games and determined what other events would be profitable during the season to maximize profits. Constantino and Piccolo finished fifth in the nation out of 775 teams and also will compete at the ICDC.

In the virtual business accounting event, seniors Isaac Gagarinas and Jaclyn Maguire analyzed computer business financial records and had to identify and report fraud and accounting errors. The team’s ranking factored their accuracy of identifying the errors and timeliness on how fast the findings were reported. The team finished first in the country out of 100 teams and will compete at the ICDC.

These three national finalist teams from Irondequoit High School will join TyReek Sizer and Charlie Eblacker, who qualified in the Virtual Business Sports simulation from the first round, to compete in Nashville, Tennessee, in April at the DECA International Career Development Conference.

The Irondequoit High School’s business department has 28 students competing in the DECA State Career Conference on March 9-11, after having qualified at the regional level in January.