2015 came and went. It was by and large a pretty good year. I met none of my goals for running, climbing, etc but still felt like we accomplished a […]

2015 came and went. It was by and large a pretty good year. I met none of my goals for running, climbing, etc but still felt like we accomplished a lot.

This year will be a bit different. I am going to get my running back on track. Tackle some really cool challenges in the mountains and of course give #TrailsRoc and Trail Methods the same effort level as before.

So with that said, below are some goals that I have set for the year in regards to running, directing, and climbing events.

Mountain Stuff

A winter trip to take on the new Tupper Lake Triade. We are going to do all 3 peaks winter style up and back down. I hope to be in snowshoes. Currently Saranac Lake a few miles up the road is the coldest spot in the nation. Should mean some good conditions for when we get back out there. Become a sub 24 hour Saranac 6er –   I am not sure when we will take this project on. It will likely be late summer or fall. Sheila is training for Cayuga Trails 50 so it wont be anytime before then or in the immediate aftermath. Some people look at those mountains and say “they aren't mountains” I have, and will continue to invite anyone from the “big mountains” to come out and climb these with us. The ADK mountains go straight up. You never have solid footing. The boulders and rocks are huge and the challenge is always there. This one will take us into a new level of pushing – breaks will be short. Nutrition will be needed and we will go to get all 6 in the 24 hour window. Our annual trip to Indian Lake and Snowy Mountain. Consistently one of the most challenging climbs in the area Snowy Mountain followed by small town pizza has been our anniversary tradition. I am looking forward to planning this summers adventures and being on the top of a mountain somewhere on our anniversary. Bag a few more of the 46 high peaks with Shme. I am excited to be spending time back in the mountains I have not seen in 15+ years. I don't even remember some of them so this is exciting! It's almost like I am climbing them for the 1st time! Running Stuff  

Actually run. Last year I ran my lowest mileage total that I can ever recall. I averaged right about 20 miles per week. No bueno. I plan on being in the upper 30s to 40 mpw range soon. Under 2:10 at Muddy Sneaker. My real goal is sub 2. My reasonable goal, coming off the awful year I had is 2:10. I am actually training for this so things should go well enough for me. Race more. Here is my schedule;  I already ran Frozen Assets this month. so here goes the rest. Feb- Cast A Shadow 2 lap race. I am hoping we are on snowshoes for this one. March – Shamrock run in Buffalo. This will be more for fun than anything else. Pounding beers along the way April – Muddy Sneaker May – Actually train hard June – A FKT attempt to be announced July – OK Slip Falls speed attempt August – Lucifer Crossing or Dam Good Trail Race. Need to figure out which one fits best September – Ossian Mountain Run 8 miler October – Something fun and fast November – We have a surprise announcement coming for that December – Fat biking somewhere I have removed “ambitious” and replaced with consistent this year. It might just be the way to go.

Race Directing Stuff

#TrailsRoc will offer 5 races this year – Mess The Dress, 0 SPF, The Mighty Mosquito, Ready Set Glow, and WTF. We have some awesome announcements about these events coming up and can't wait to share them with you. Trail Methods is introducing Last Man Standing to the mix and we have a major announcement coming up soon in regards to another event. In addition to those we have already announced that we are bringing Many On The Genny to the area in 2017. Rochester and the Finger Lakes are starting to become over saturated with events but we believe the 5 events from #TrailsRoc and the 3 we will offer from Trail Methods 1. fit perfectly within the local calendar. 2. are unique to the area and all offer a great experience for runners and families. 3. All of these events are priced below the market and all of them give back to the community in way of donation/trail building/trail work/donations to first response organizations.  I encourage you to choose from these events and come on out for a good time!

So there you go, climbing, running, directing. A full 2016 is already in front of us. Mix in a couple of full time jobs, fingers crossed we will be able to help some children get out of camps into a home by fostering refugee children, and filling the remaining weekends with family and friends and we don't have much free time left in 2016!

We can't wait to see where the year takes us – but we know for one thing, it will be an adventure as always!