The University of Rochester Medical Center Facilities Department recently deployed the Virtual Mgr HealthClean Pro Environmental Services Management Platform, allowing the group to more effectively manage environmental service programs through improved staff scheduling, procedural accuracy and real-time access to data and metrics for continuous improvement and precise program applications.
“The University of Rochester Medical Center is a recognized national leader in health care and research and is one of the largest and most well respected medical treatment and research facilities in Upstate New York,” said Anil Patel, Virtual Mgr CEO. “We are honored that they have selected HealthClean Pro to support improvements in HCAHPS scores, facility cleanliness and EVS employee productivity and to help them reduce EVS costs.”
The University of Rochester Medical Center identified the data management and reporting engine as the most powerful aspect of HealthClean Pro. It enables the creation of benchmarks to help compare performance against pre-defined institution and industry standards.

HealthClean Pro delivers data and critical management metrics so administrators can better understand how labor hours are being spent in their facilities. The data provides information that leads to better control of budgets, staff and resources. 
The program is completely cloud-based and built around drag-and-drop functionality and can be integrated with any legacy or software system already being used by a facility. The software operates across various platforms and devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.
Critical features of HealthClean Pro include the ability to create and schedule tasks and provide real-time updates, including geo-location and time-stamping of task completion. 
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