Our area is blanketed in snow. Most families are waking up to a day off of school! The roads are tricky but open and using caution is advised. Officials say to add time to your morning commute. We had a lot of warning, so most people are starting this snowy Monday prepared.

Snowfall throughout Sunday evening has caused some trouble on the roads and impacted locals preparing for the first snow of the season.

In addition to many reports of cars going off roads, over 16,000 people in the area lost power, according to RG&E's website. Over 15,000 lost power in Monroe County alone. Damage to power lines and poles in Webster led a portion of Lake Road to be closed for the night, while the weather caused dozens of cancellations and delays at the Greater Rochester International Airport.

As the snow came down and the roads became covered, Wegmans on East Avenue found itself busy, filled with customers who came to stock up for the storm.

Among them was Rochester resident Laia Maira, who didn't want to wait until tomorrow:

"We came from Allegheny, and there were a couple of accidents already on the road," she said, "So I would rather not be driving if I don't have to.

"However, a family illness had left her without a choice, leading her to stock up on chicken broth and soup.

"Hopefully we won't have to come back out for a while," she said.

Wegmans said it was slammed for several hours on Sunday morning, and it continued into the afternoon. The store had been prepared already to meet what managers thought would just be the pre-Thanksgiving rush. They ended up finding customers buying basics like paper towels, toilet paper, milk, and eggs in advance of the first snowfall.

Sally Benson of Fairport came to the store for such basics:

"[I] got my milk, my bread, bananas... and a knick-knack!"

It was, she admitted, partly out of an abundance of caution, as she was worried that schools would be closed and that there would be an advisory against unnecessary travel.

Some Rochester residents, however, scoffed at the idea of stocking up:

"If this is scaring people, we've got an issue."

Still others, though, said that while Rochester has had more severe weather, this amount for the first snowfall of the year did cause a little panic.