County Legislature Republicans chose party politics over helping nearly 250,000 people in our community on Dec. 13.
We have an obligation to make sure everyone is treated fairly, regardless of where they live or who they know.
My office has been working with the county administration to resolve the inequity of Department of Motor Vehicles services offered to city residents for six months. Pulling funding for this project is choosing politics over helping those in need.
I realized over the course of the last year there were many issues that embarrassed Republican leadership over their stewardship of the county clerk’s office, however, political retribution leveled against city residents is wrong. The issue of transportation has been identified by the anti-poverty task force as one of the biggest impediments for people living in poverty. Our office is also the main provider of photo identification for county residents, including nondriver ID cards.
For the county Republicans to take this money and give the impression that it was going to be used to fund additional daycare spots when it is in fact going to cover an existing budget deficit is unconscionable. It shows that Monroe County Republicans value the title of Republican more than Monroe County.”
Adam Bello
Monroe County clerk