It's almost here and so are the last minute shoppers. Some wait until the last minute every year but it sounds like many of us are depending on Santa Claus to fill our loved one's wish lists.

The rush is on! You are running out of time to shop for your loved ones this holiday season.

It was a busy day for stores on Thursday, as last minute shoppers try to make their final purchases ahead of the holiday season.

"I was trying to be ahead of the game, I truly was," says Cathy Rosenberg, Pittsford resident. "However, I still ended up not being."

News10NBC ran into people like Cathy Rosenberg who thought she was done shopping but decided to get one more gift for her son and items for her holiday gatherings.

At the Pittsford Plaza, there were streams of cars coming in and out and the parking lot was full. People told us they wanted to pick up a few extra gifts. Others, like Brighton resident Todd Golder are just getting started.

"I nail it almost every time," says Golder. "I'm a believer in if you just have a positive attitude, trust that it will come to you, somehow it always works out for me."

News10NBC: "Do you have a strategy or are you hoping everything just falls into your lap?"

Jacob Jackson East Rochester: "Hoping they fall into my lap, out of the sky, somewhere!”

Well, thank goodness for Santa Claus.