The tree tops may glisten but it probably won’t be from snow

CANANDAIGUA — Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Dream on.

The winter wonderland of Thursday is slated to disappear in the blink of an eye. Friday will find the Finger Lakes in 40 degrees — with a little sun, say our weather experts. On Saturday, as Santa hitches up the reindeer at the icy North Pole, he might want to outfit his sleigh with wheels for when he flies into Canandaigua and environs.

There is a silver lining to this Christmas cloud. With a low of 28 degrees on Christmas eve, some daytime sprinkles just might turn to snow. If not, Santa knows he can find a nice cushion of white magic atop Bristol Mountain as a jumping off point. But keep in mind, Santa may work up a sweat on a less-than frigid night. So if you leave him a snack, maybe forgo the hot chocolate for a cold Mountain Dew.

Then, there’s Christmas Day. In a meteorologist nutshell: A high of 41, a low of 30, 10 percent chance of precipitation, wind from the west at 8 mph.

Doesn’t sound much like the “the ones (you) used to know?" You are correct. 

With a normal season average at 99.5 inches, the all-time season snowfall record was 161.7 in 1959/1960. That wasn’t so unusual then. Plenty of past decades delivered mounds of snow, including the entire 1950s decade that included four consecutive seasons with snowfall topping 120 inches.

If you're feeling a bit blue over a not-so-white Christmas, our snow season so far is more than twice the normal average to date. So far we’ve seen 41.6 inches in the Rochester region, with a normal average for this time of 20.4. And at this time last year? We had experienced a measly 1.2 inches.