Two fifth-grade classes at Northwood Elementary School in Hilton are learning about the importance of connecting with communities outside of their own, and developing understanding and empathy for all types of people with differing needs.
Holly Duford and Erin Cavallaro recently decided to have their students participate in a service project called Capes for Kids through the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital for St. Vincent in Indianapolis.
Students made capes for young patients so that each child who spends the night at the hospital leaves with a cape. The project is committed to turning ordinary kids into superheroes and helping them feel the super power of healing.
Libby Booth chose to make a cape with a lightning bolt pattern and Batman symbol for a boy.
“Lightning bolts remind me of heroes, and I thought the Batman symbol would go well with them,” she said.
Parents donated the fabric and materials in order to make the project possible.
“Superheroes go to battle and are able to overcome anything,” said Brady Graupman, who designed his cape with a Denver Broncos football in honor of Manning. “I want the kids to feel like superheroes.”
Olivia Rist used a lion applique on her cape.
“I’m writing a story about a cheetah, but thought I’d do a lion instead,” she said. “I hope it makes them feel special and not be sad.”
The students had a fashion show after they were done with their capes before shipping them off to the hospital.
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