For months customers have complained of internet outages and long waits for service calls

ROCHESTER—The complaints against Frontier Communications continue to come into the newsroom of the Daily Messenger's news partner News 10NBC.

For months some customers have been telling News 10NBC they’ve been forced to wait weeks for service calls, they’re experiencing intermittent internet outages and they're having a hard time getting straight answers for customer service representatives.  

Frontier recently went through a nationwide restructuring and cut jobs, and customers are wondering whether that is impacting customer service.

A spokesman for Frontier said most of the jobs that were eliminated were middle-management positions, not call-takers and service technicians who would work directly with customers. The company says the restructuring should trigger changes that will operationally rectify some of the issues customers have been dealing with.

Howard Cotton is hoping that’s the case, but he’s not optimistic. His internet service went out on Dec. 10, and he’s called Frontier 12 times since then to get a service tech to come rectify the situation.

Initially, he was told a technician would be out to get him back online right away. “Monday came, nobody showed up, I called, they told me, 'No, we didn't mean this Monday, we meant next Monday the 19th' and I said that was not what I was told,” he said.

Either way, he was patient at first but the problem only got worse. “We waited that Monday, then this past Monday, Tuesday, this past Wednesday ... um, yeah, it's been a waste of time,” he said.

Cotton’s story echoes those of a number of other small business owners and residential customers who have contacted News 10NBC over the past few months and basically they all come down to one thing: communication.

"I understand with customer service sometimes there's a hiccup but with this last situation, it was just a complete breakdown in my opinion between the reps, the dispatch center, the field service agents — no one was communicating with me,” Cotton said.

News 10NBC has requested an on-camera interview with Frontier’s local managers a number of times, but they have declined.

In a statement this week, Andy Malinoski, manager of communications at Frontier, said, “This is not our normal operating procedure and we apologize for the inconvenience. We are working on resolving this issue as soon as possible. We are constantly working on ways to improve the customer experience so that situations like these do not occur in the future."

The union that represents Frontier’s field technicians says its members are working as fast and efficiently as possible to try and help customers. It confirms Frontier has added 50 “front-line” positions, employees that work directly with both commercial and residential customers, in the past year in an effort to try and alleviate customer complaints.  They are hopeful the restructuring will also help.