We disagree on most of the issues. We often consider the other side moronic. We’re exasperated by how “those folks” can possibly reach such preposterous conclusions from a given set of facts. We seem miles apart, hopelessly divided.

Yet on one very fundamental matter we agree passionately — our government is corrupt. Our democratic processes have been compromised. The billionaire class on both sides of the political spectrum has used the power granted to wealth by the Supreme Court in Citizens United and related decisions to control the levers of a republic designed to be responsive to “the people alone.”

America has suffered a slow-motion coup d’etat, a takeover spanning roughly 40 years. Like the frog in a kettle of slowly warming water, we didn’t notice the change. And like the frog, we’ve been cooked. Our electoral process has been smothered to death in money. Each election cycle the money bar is raised, increasing the pressure on elected officials to schmooze the elite, and in doing so becoming indebted to them. This indebtedness, in turn, corrupts the legislative process, favoring decisions sought by the donor class to the detriment of ordinary citizens. Our constitutionally guaranteed representation has been hijacked by a new breed of aristocracy. We live in Thomas Jefferson’s nightmare.

Conservatives who understood this supported Donald Trump for president, liberals who had connected the same dots supported the election of Bernie Sanders. Each candidate was an “outsider,” and each called out the corruption of government by money. But, alas, from early cabinet appointments announced to date, it appears we Americans, both right and left, are in for another four years of government of, by and for the corporate elite.

Is it not time for us to say enough? Together, because only a united people can successfully stare down a corrupt government that survives on our division. But working with the “other side” is difficult, impossible for many, but critical for the revival of true representative government in America.

Fortunately, there is some hope. Some of us recognize the importance of working together and have the personal discipline necessary to focus on the common ground while setting aside our broad differences. Some of us can save all of us.

If you have the disposition and temperament to work with the “crazies” on the other side, and are willing to step out of your comfort zone for a higher cause, your country needs you now. Please contact RocDemSpring@gmail.com. Let us, right and left together, plan a path back to a functional democratic republic that considers ordinary working Americans first. It’s our country. It’s our time.