The American Red Cross recently partnered with the Harlem Globetrotters through the team’s Great Assist initiative to help people in western and central New York prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.
The Red Cross will be featured at more than 300 Harlem Globetrotters games throughout basketball season, including Feb. 13 at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester. The games will feature a public service announcement and an in-game player announcement.
Harlem Globetrotters’ Great Assist initiative promises to spread 100 million smiles over the next decade through sportsmanship and service. The Red Cross will engage the Harlem Globetrotters nationally and locally in all aspects of its mission for the next two years. The team will join the Red Cross, local fire departments and other community partners as the Red Cross works to install its 1 millionth smoke alarm by October 2017.
The Red Cross installed 4,461 smoke alarms across western and central New York in 2016.
“We’re honored to join forces with the Harlem Globetrotters through our disaster response efforts and much more,” said Rosie Taravella, western and central New York region chief executive officer. “The fun and interactive way the team engages with the community will help to build greater awareness around our mission and the critical need to help people at risk for and impacted by disasters every day.”
The Red Cross responded to 1,397 home fires and other disasters in western and central New York in 2016. On average, volunteers responded to a disaster four times a day across the region.
“This partnership brings two great American organizations together in order to achieve a common goal to help people in need and put smiles on people’s faces,” said Howard Smith, president of the Harlem Globetrotters. “We look forward to helping the Red Cross achieve their goals by incorporating their messaging into everything we do on and off the court.”
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