On Jan. 27, for the third straight year, the town of Irondequoit proved that there are no winter blues in our community. Our annual Winterfest celebration on the campus of town hall proved to be a great success, attracting thousands of residents for a day of family fun.
What I love about this event, however, is the number of visitors who come in from out of town. To me, Irondequoit it putting its best foot forward when we demonstrate that we are community that values and promotes these family-oriented events.
Whether it is the July Fourth celebration to the skating rink outside town hall or the summer Thursdays nights at the gazebo, we are committed to providing largely free opportunities for our residents to share a great experience, together. These events don’t take a large chunk out of our budget, just a focus. I am proud of the hard work our team at town hall put forth to make this Winterfest the biggest and best yet.
We are able to offer free admission to Winterfest largely because of the many of community volunteers who spend several hours in the cold, helping us staff the event. This included the dedicated members of our Community Crime Coalition, several scout troops, the National Honor Society, as well as the Girls hockey team at Bishop Kearney. We are very much appreciative for the time volunteered.
Come spring time, hundreds of residents will again flock to town hall for our annual Invigorate Irondequoit. On this day, the fun is mixed with a little hard work, as we dispatch teams throughout town to beautify our public areas. This year’s event will be on May 6. More information will follow.
On another note, residents continue to ask about the status of our ice rink. Unfortunately, mother nature hasn’t been cooperative the first half of winter, and we haven’t seen the sustained freezing temperatures required to keep the ice safe to skate on. Please check our website and Facebook page for real-time updates. If it’s open, I encourage you to come down free of charge. This year, we are offering skate rentals on the weekends.
A town may be defined by its borders. However, a community is defined by the people within. I am bursting with pride when I frequently see Irondequoit set a great example of what a strong community truly is. Thank you for the constant reminders.