Hilton Parma Drug Intervention and Community Education is joining Drug Free Action Alliance and honorary chairman Clark Kellogg to share a new message — Parents Who Host Lose the Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking.
HPDICE and DFAA are encouraging parents, educators, businesses, community organizations and others to learn more about the health and safety risks, along with the potential legal ramifications of allowing underage drinking to occur.
“The campaign’s message is a universal one,” said Laurie Polatas, project coordinator. “It is illegal, unsafe and unhealthy for anyone younger than 21 to drink alcohol.”
Approximately 8,000 youth across the country will take their first drink of alcohol each day. Alcohol is the leading drug problem among young people. Underage drinking is strongly linked to delinquent behaviors and problems at home and school. Heavy alcohol abuse has long-term effects on brain development. Yet, 31 percent of youth report obtaining alcohol from their parents, and another 27 percent report getting alcohol from other adults.
For information, visit hpdice.org.