James Paulino, an attorney and partner of Goldberg Segalla in Rochester, recently released his book, “The America 2051 Project: A Non-political Plan to Fix Our Political System.”
Paulino wrote this book because he was tired of citizens complaining about the state of the federal government and wanted to take action. The book is the result of two years of research and writing. It offers a modern plan to utilize a solution that has been available for over 200 years — the Article V Convention.
The plan provides a legal, peaceful method to reign in Washington, D.C., including instructions, fill-in-the-blank documents and other tools.
Americans wrote controls into the U.S. Constitution in 1787 that allow states to upgrade the plan for federal government and implement additional checks and balances to eliminate opportunities for politicians to help themselves. While the Article V Convention has never been used, it offers a peaceful and legal method for the people to repair the federal government and its problems. All the action is taken through the states without involvement or interference from Congress or the president.
“The America 2051 Project” outlines the background and solutions to current problems, including term limits, taxes, overspending and constant campaigning.
Paulino wrote the book to give Americans an opportunity to act, instead of complain, on public servants who abuse power entrusted to them.
He graduated from Notre Dame Law School, University of York and University of Rochester. He has worked for a deputy majority whip in the U.S. House of Representatives and as statewide coordinator of a U.S. Senate campaign.
Paulino recently formed a nonprofit organization, The America Project 2051 Project Inc., to receive all proceeds from the book and to maintain a website where any American can identify their local representative and urge them to support an Article V Convention.
Paulino is available to provide talks and lectures on the project. To schedule a presentation, call 585-281-3000 or email jimmy@america2051.com.
The book is available at amzn.to/2pzTQs2.