The American Academy of HIV Medicine recently named Kevin Fiscella, of Jordan Health in Rochester, the winner of the sixth annual AAHIVM/Institute for Technology in Health Care HIV Practice Award.
Fiscella will receive $20,000 in recognition of his use of technology in caring for people living with HIV.
“While technology plays a vital role in HIV, often patients are socially disadvantaged and many, particularly the older patients, are on the wrong side of the digital divide,” Fiscella said. “I think this award highlights the power of technology, but also the need for technology to be brought to everyone.”
Using a community-based participatory research approach involving persons living with HIV, clinicians and AIDS organizations, Fiscella and his team developed URHealth, an electronic patient health record for those with HIV. URHealth is unique because it uses the patient’s own data to prompt them to ask their HIV clinicians about specific gaps in care.
Provided as an app, URHealth prompts patients to take action when their viral load is detectable or when they are missing key preventive steps. It also provides links to HIV-related information.
Peer-facilitated trainings ensure patients not only understand how to use their smart device and URHealth but that they understand the significance of lab results, various medications and immunizations and have the skills and confidence to discuss their questions and concerns with their HIV clinicians.
Staff from eight HIV practices in Rochester and New York City have engaged in this use of technology.
The AAHIVM/Institute for Technology HIV Practice Award seeks to acknowledge those who have created, adapted and/or used innovative technology in their HIV practice, and to share that technological knowledge with others in the practice of HIV medicine to improve patient care.
As the winner of the AAHIVM/Institute for Technology in Healthcare HIV Practice Award, Fiscella recently presented URHealth at the American Conference for the Treatment of HIV in Dallas.
“It’s a really powerful tool in bringing patients together all committed to the same goal, which is improving self-management through technology,” Fiscella said.