On May 8, 91 rotarians and guests celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Brighton Rotary Club.
Rotarians described programs and betterments accomplished, both locally and internationally by Brighton Rotary since its start in 1956. The worldwide program to eradicate polio, construction of the first blood bank in Bhubaneshwar India, support for Camp Haccamo, a local camp for children with disabilities, restoration of the local historic Buckland Farmhouse, exchange student programs allowing foreign students to experience Brighton and allowing Brighton students to experience living in other countries. The support of programs and projects can be counted in the hundreds, with the most recent being a solar energy classroom in the Brighton High School. The solar project will not only save energy, but will provide hands-on learning opportunities for Brighton High School Students.
A committee of rotarians considered many ideas and then selected the classroom. The committee felt energy conservation and youth education in Brighton were perfect elements to highlight its 60th birthday. The contribution of $14,125 was the amount needed to obtain several grants to finance the $56,000 project.
The last speaker, Bill Moehle, Brighton town supervisor and also a long time Brighton Rotarian, honored the long history of service performed by Brighton Rotary and a wish for all the good the club will do in its next 60 years, living up to one of its mottoes: “Service Above Self.”