Kingfisher Theater, 1717 Empire Blvd., Webster, is offering four classes through July 26 for actors of all experience levels.
“Physical Theatre and Play” led by Leslie Felbain will explore how to use the body as an actor’s instrument through breath, voice and movement. Actors must be aware of their own habitual patterns of movement and speech in order to fully embody a character.
Attendees will focus on physical training such as strength, flexibility, endurance, rhythm and dynamics of space. Actors will apply their physical training to playing characters, scenes and improvisations. Wear comfortable clothes.
“The Musical Audition” will examine the anatomy of a song using techniques originally developed by David Craig and Oscar Kosarin to explore the lyric as story to find its underlying subtext as relates to the performer.
Led by Craig Raisner, the workshop will provide vocal coaching and teach specific techniques and approaches to professional auditions, performances and working with an accompanist. Actors will discuss the development, flow and format of librettos while exploring types of songs and learning why they are placed where they are in the context of the story.
“Scene Study: The Works of Anton Chekhov” will focus on utilizing various acting techniques to foster the development of an actor’s voice and to present selections from the works of master playwright Chekhov. The class led by Kevin Dedes will work from the Paul Schmidt translations.
“Speech for the Stage” led by Amy Canfield will enable actors and performers to improve their voice and articulation. Students will learn the processes used in creating voice — respiration, phonation, resonation and articulation — and apply them to the increased usage and control of pitch, loudness, quality, enunciation and rate of the voice.
Course methods will include the use of relaxation and breathing exercises, in-class performances and vocal exercises. The class will be introduced to the International Phonetic Alphabet in order to more readily work toward a standard American dialect.
For information, call 585-454-9371, email or visit