Police are treating the investigation as an unattended death

PENFIELD — Monroe County deputies Wednesday were investigating near Ellison Park after the body of a woman was found in Penfield.

Investigators say the body was found by a person out birdwatching off Browncroft Boulevard near Old Browncroft Boulevard.

Monroe County sheriff's investigators were on since around 1 p.m. They are calling this an unattended death, not investigating it as a possible homicide.

Major Lou Tomassetti said the man spotted what he thought was a deceased body while eating lunch, and called 911. When deputies arrived they found the body of a white middle-aged female down an embankment.

Tomassetti said it did not appear the body had been there too long. He said it was early in the investigation and he didn't have many more details.

The body was found in a secluded area, a couple hundred feet away from Ellison Park.

"We're treating it right now as an unattended death, but I would say it's unusual that there's a body in the woods," said Major Lou Tomassetti. "Again we're just early on in our investigation so I don't want to speculate anything at this point."

Investigators will be looking for nearby neighbors, surveillance video from the catering service as well as stopping cars, looking for anyone who may have been in this area this week and may have seen anything. As of Wednesday evening, they had not released the identity of the woman.