Democratic Committee recently announced its 2017 slate of candidates for this year’s town elections.
New to the ticket this year will be Kimie Romeo, candidate for town council, who is running for the seat being vacated by councilwoman Lorie Barnum.
Supervisor Dave Seeley and councilman Pete Wehner, elected to one-year terms last November, will vie for their first full term.
Judge Joseph Genier and Judge Joseph Valentino will round out the slate, each running for re-election to the bench at town court.
“Irondequoit is heading in the right direction. We continue to see increased investment in every corner, and town hall is more committed than ever to giving our residents a high return on their tax dollars,” said Seeley.
“I am proud of the progress we have realized in Irondequoit, first under the leadership of former-Supervisor Bello and now with Supervisor Seeley at the helm,” said Barnum. “We made substantial investments to enhance the quality of life in our town, embraced an attitude of environmental sustainability and stewardship and furthered a commitment to fiscal conservatism at town hall.”
Romeo, a former member of the town planning board and town conservation board, has established herself as a hard-working advocate for Irondequoit. Professionally, she is a charter partner with Empire Realty Group and an adjunct professor at Rochester Institute of Technology. She has been a longtime advocate for sustainable communities.
“I have been proud to make Irondequoit my home, raise my family here and work to make this wonderful community even better,” said Romeo. “I thank councilwoman Barnum for her years of service to Irondequoit and pledge that I will work just as hard as she has to keep Irondequoit a wonderful town.”
Since taking over as supervisor last year, Seeley and the town board have maintained the high bar set by Bello at town hall, while creating several new initiatives to improve the community. An effort last year to bring residents together through the formation of neighborhood associations was immensely successful. Furthermore, at present, there are several major projects underway to increase amenities for residents, including: completion of the new ballpark complex and four new athletic fields at Camp Eastman. This was done while keeping the tax rate flat in 2016’s budget. Judge Valentino, first elected in 2009, is running for his third term. Genier, first elected in 1993, is running for his seventh term.