From my vantage point at town hall, one of the most exciting things I see is the opening of a new business in Irondequoit. The decision to devote one’s time, energy and money into such a business venture is a life-changing experience, and I am always encouraged when I see entrepreneurs willing to invest in our community.
Most business in America are small businesses, and this is especially true in Irondequoit. Whereas towns like Greece, Gates and Webster historically were home to the area’s large manufacturers, Irondequoit always served as a “bedroom community,” residential at its core. I am grateful for this, as it has helped build our identity.
Our mission at town hall is to remove any unnecessary bureaucracy that might stand in the way of someone looking to grow a business in Irondequoit. Historically that wasn’t always the case, as evidenced by our complex zoning code that was pieced together over the course of several decades. When government does have to play a role in facilitating a new business venture, we charge ourselves with working as fast as possible to get out of the way.
Over the past year, I have held multiple informal meetings with members of our business community to engage in a dialogue about town hall’s relationship with our local business community. I proudly sit on the executive committee of the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce as well, which affords constant communication.
The feedback we receive is very valued, and we want more of it. We have developed a survey on the town hall website to garner qualitative feedback from our businesses. The survey asks for honest feedback about how businesses feel our town is viewed by our neighbors; what challenges are present to businesses in Irondequoit; and most importantly, what can we do as a community to encourage more residents to spend their money here in town.
The survey is available on our town website or at If you request a hard copy, call my office at 585-336-6039. I thank residents in advance for their participation.
Shifting gears, I’d like to thank the members of our local scouting community and our local American Legion for organizing our annual Flag Day ceremony earlier this month. I am proud that we are one of the few communities who pays tribute to the banner that has endured throughout our nation’s history, properly disposing of flags that are no longer serviceable. Our community is stronger in the present when we honor our heritage.