The new Post is beautiful in every respect — size, format, color and articles. “Speaking of Suicide” is timely. Everyone must have a friend or relative or know of someone who attempted or succeeded.
I knew that no one in my family would ever even try, until two years ago my half-niece’s son said an apparently accidental goodbye when a friend brought him heroin for their mutual use. The friend survived. The son had seemed to be winning against an alcohol addiction, his “drug of choice,” his mother said.
Emotional “causes” are sought and found, but diet should be checked first and remedied as quickly as possible, especially in young people. It plays a key role in the bipolar, once called manic depressive, person. Sugars of any kind are usually the culprit. It is partly the sugar content of alcohol that hooks the drinker and affects character change.
As we push beer and wine sales to help this area’s economy, we will likely see more problems with drinking and find more people addicted and moving on to other drugs, since it is not possible to predict which drinkers will be unable to stop after one or two drinks. As with smoking, the drinker may “know” that he can stop whenever he wants. My brother used to quit cigarettes for 10 days once a year, thereby proving that he could. Eventually he did, when still in his 20s, but he died in his 60s from brain cancer, said to have metastasized from lung cancer.
Damage to brain cells from any alcohol is a known fact, but drinkers may scoff, saying that they have millions of them and won’t miss a few. The damage is more evident on site and in behavior once it is more extensive.
Some doctors have become aware of the importance of diet in preventing illness, including depression, and actually prescribe healthful foods, no medication. Patients may report that following the diet has done away with any craving for sweets and that they are on the path to recovery without depression or thoughts of suicide.
It is really not cool, at any age, to try alcohol or to binge drink — any more than it is to play Russian roulette. Results are often similar.
Byrna Weir