ROCHESTER — Jurors reviewed disturbing photographs Monday as testimony began in the Rideout murder case.

Three family members and a former friend are charged in Craig Rideout's death. Rideout's estranged wife Laura, his sons Colin and Alex and Laura's boyfriend Paul Tucci are all charged with murder.

Among the photos entered into evidence was an image of Craig Rideout's face which prosecutors say had been disfigured when drain cleaner was poured onto it.

Spectators told News10NBC the disfigurement was so bad they weren't sure what they were looking at. The prosecutor says it was necessary to show the jury the photos.

Police say Craig Rideout of Penfield was murdered, wrapped in a tarp and dumped in a rural area of Yates County.

One of the witnesses who took the stand was a Yates County investigator who testified about the scene. He spoke of finding a shovel in the grass, the body wrapped and also bottle cap sealers nearby.

The prosecutor is trying to establish that bottles of drain cleaner were poured on the victim's face. Late in the day, the prosecutor showed a receipt from Walmart, two bottles of drain cleaner purchased at a Walmart on July 18.

A surveillance photo showed someone buying items in another transaction that included four pairs of gloves and a shovel just a few hours before the body was discovered.

The defense will get to cross examine the Walmart employee Tuesday. At this point, the purchases, the receipt and the photo have not been tied to any suspect specifically.

The first prosecution witness was the man who found Craig Rideout’s body in Yates County. Lowell Weaver is a farmer who testified that he rides his bike to a farm, and on July 20, he passed the crime scene just before 5 a.m. Weaver says he noticed two cars along a rural road, so when he was riding back three hours he was curious. He stopped and saw a shovel in the grass and saw a path into the woods. 

When he followed it he saw a tarp, lifted up the corner, and saw a bare foot. He testified "he got out of there in a hurry," rode to the neighbor’s house, and called 911.

The farmer said he saw two male figures standing by the two vehicles but couldn’t hear what they were saying.