June is here, and soon will be the start of summer. The weather has given us rain, cool weather and hot. Hopefully we will have a great summer.
Schools will be letting out soon for summer breaks, and this month also holds graduations and parties. It is a new beginning for all those graduating from colleges, high schools, middle schools and even elementary who are moving to different grades. Then there are those who are off the colleges and sometime out of state.
Father’s Day also came in June, and I hope that every father had a wonderful day. Hope it was a day fill with love and enjoyment.
Now is also the time when people are getting their swimming pools open, and because of this I would like to remind everyone the importance of pool safety. It is extremely important to be responsible pool owners to make sure that there are not tragedies of children drowning in an unattended pool. Many of the accidents we hear each year are preventable if precautions are taken. Make sure you have a secure, locked gate around all in-ground pools. If you have an above-ground pool, make sure that the ladder is securely up and locked when the pool is not in use.
Now is also the time that you most likely will see baby wildlife. Rremember they are cute, but do not touch. We do not want harm to come to you or them. If you should see an injured little one, call a wildlife rehabilitator who is located in the area. East Ridge Animal Hospital is also a wildlife hospital along with Fairport Animal Hospital and South Towne Veterinary Hospital for some animals. For more information, you can always call them.
June birthday babies are Edward Kretser, George Barnett, Tony Sloan, Patrick Loughlin, Joyce Warot, Michael DiFlorio, Mary Ellen Peck, Joan Peck, Maureen Crozier, Michael Marks, Craig Thesing, John and Anthony Marchioni, Bruce Clement, Dawn Bryant, Charles Dionese, Barb Wise, Linda Sage, Kim Law, Dave Branch, Kathy Hartman and Carolyn Wrisley. We wish you all a very happy birthday and many more to come.
In closing, we would like to wish a big congratulations to Julie Marks, who got married May 21 to Dhananjay Phukan. The wedding and reception was held at Century Club of Rochester, and was attended by friends and relatives of both. The bride looked beautiful and the husband very handsome. We wish them the best and for a wonderful life together as Mr. and Mrs. D. Phukan.