Last month, Donald Trump orated at the National Policemen’s Memorial. He extolled the hard work and dedication of all of our past and present police officers while decrying the numerous police assassinations happening across our country. He pledged his full support in their efforts to fight crime.
Really? For some reason, Mr. Trump failed to mention that our current Republican-controlled Congress refuses to vote to ban the procurement of assault rifles, “cop killer” bullets and silencers, both self explanatory. Mr. Trump also omitted the fact that this Congress wants anyone, including criminals and the mentally ill, to be able to arm themselves without background checks so that they are not “unfairly profiled.”
With the exception of silencers that hunters may use to protect their hearing, these items are all utilized by deranged people who wish to evoke death and terror on police officers and innocent civilians. Responsible gun owners who hunt, shoot for sport or use guns for self-protection have no need for assault rifles and “cop killer” bullets.
Sadly, the Republicans who didn’t bat an eyelash after the horrific carnage of Sandy Hook got their wish with the shooting of U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-LA 1st Dist., by a mentally deranged citizen.
Every day, cops go to work and willingly rush toward gunfire in their efforts to serve and protect innocent bystanders. Every day, cops go to work wondering if they will come home at the end of their shift.
I urge Congress to do the right thing and ban the sale of assault rifles, “cop killer” bullets and silencers for pistols. Let’s make it safer for our officers to do their jobs. Obviously it would take years and monumental efforts to rid our country of these entities, but we should start somewhere.