It’s time for a new Ontario County district attorney. From the June 22 Daily Messenger story “Ontario County DA’s race heats up,” current DA Democrat Michael Tantillo is acting like a power broker, trying to impose his will on Ontario County Republicans.

As a lifelong Republican, I take exception to a registered Democrat like Tantillo trying to be a player in the Sept. 12 GOP Primary for Ontario County DA. It won’t work. This same Democrat, while pushing his Republican choice down our throats, threw mud at Kristina "Kitty" Karle. Such tactics are below the dignity of the office.

Speaking of integrity, Tantillo’s office allowed an innocent person to wallow in jail for a year, depriving him of his livelihood, family and liberty. It took Kitty Karle’s commitment to justice to free an innocent man (Daily Messenger, March 8, 2017). Bravo to her. That’s the kind of DA we can believe in.

Born and raised in Ontario County, Karle understands the values that have made our county a great place we call home. As a tough-as-nails prosecutor from 1998 to 2011, Karle put child molesters, murderers and physical abusers behind bars where they belong. Let’s throw our support behind Kitty Karle and bring integrity and transparency back to the DA’s Office.

Steve Barnhoorn