We all know how it feels to be seen for less than what we are. The aged and the disabled in our country only know this all too well.

Our qualities are not perceived, and we are ascribed flaws that are not ours. It is an unpleasant experience that fills us with insecurity and resentment.

Because we recently celebrated the 4th of July, known as Independence Day, the issue of reduction of Medicaid and Medicare rises to the top of the list for this holiday.

When you are disabled or a senior citizen, life sometimes appears to go on without you.

Now let us think of the opposite situation, which is undoubtedly rare. Someone has taken the trouble to get to know us and trust us for who we are. Enter legislators and advocates, family and friends who lobby for the less fortunate. We are a democracy, and need to be recognized as real and unique individuals.

In a democracy we are an object of interest and hopefully appreciation.

Because we require for things such as personal care aides, as well as frequent medical issues, Medicaid and Medicare were thus designed.

What a relief, the government has noticed us. Someone has seen our worth. This is respect. Respect is the American way. I have always known and believed that.

I ask our government with a new health care plan being designed: Do not cut funds for the less fortunate. Respect does not exist without a listening ear and voice. Contact your legislator and let them know how you feel. America was built on this basic freedom.

Tom Turner