More than 60 State Road Elementary School students in Kiwanis Kids recently held a penny drive for Jack’s Journey, an organization established to provide Jack Caffery, 4, of Buffalo, with a diabetic alert dog.
The students presented Caffery; his mom, Jill; his sister, Carly; and Dogworks Service Dogs with a $504.63 check to help fund an alert dog for Caffrey’s type 1 diabetes.
Caffery’s dog will be born this summer and trained by DSD in Rochester. Jody Filonvich, owner and trainer, said the total cost of providing each dog is $20,000.
Dogs in DSD’s program go through two years of intensive training that starts when puppies are 8 weeks old.
Dogs spend hundreds of hours being scent-trained using their owner’s saliva to recognize high and low blood glucose levels. The dogs then alert their owners to make any necessary corrections based on the scents they detect.
“This dog is for his safety and to monitor him, but I am hoping they’ll become best friends,” Jill Caffery said. “I hope the State Road K-Kids understand that what they’re doing has made a huge impact in our life, and we will never forget it.”
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