The annual chip sealing of town roads has begun by our highway department and will continue for the next two weeks. The town will be doing 15 miles of roads within the town boundaries along with 17 cul-de-sacs and 5 miles of roads for the County of Monroe on parts of Jackson Road, Whiting Road and County Line Road.
While this process always brings out the best in residents in their phone messages and phone conversations with the highway receptionist and my office, this process is the most cost-effective method we have in preserving our town roads.
At the present time, redoing a road in a subdivision with a complete repave will cost, on average, $15 per square foot. To do a micropave job, the cost is $1.75 to $3 per square foot, and the chip sealing costs 10 cents per square foot. So you can see that chip sealing is by far the most cost effective way to treat our roads. We take every effort to have the sweepers out after three days when the chip sealing is complete to take away any excess material left on the roads and cul-de-sacs.
Some residents get very angry over this process, and it shows in their verbal conversations with the highway workers trying to complete their jobs and phone calls to the highway department. In fact, some residents are downright nasty in telling us we know nothing about doing our jobs and how much they pay in taxes.
One person recently complained that his $14,000 in taxes should get him paving instead of chip seal, so I took the time to break down his tax bill. Of his $14,000 tax bill, 62 percent — or $8,680 — goes to Webster Central School District, 25 percent — or $3,500 — goes to Monroe County, and 13 percent — or $1,820 — goes to the town of Webster. Out of the $1,820 that goes to the town, 18 percent goes to the highway department, or $327.60, which includes leaf pickup, snow plowing and maintenance of roads, including chip sealing and drainage work.
When we do repave town roads, it is under a complete restoration of the road. This is complete with gutter repairs, and some of that money comes from New York state under their chips program to help offset the outrageous high cost of asphalt materials. The town of Webster does one major road construction project each year, which includes new gutters and repaving. For 2017, the road project is Gasberry Lane, Daventry Circle and Coleburg Circle.
Please understand that we are doing the best we can controlling costs and providing you the best services we can for the most cost effective way of doing business for you, the taxpayer.
As always, if you have any questions about your town government, please feel free to contact me during regular business hours at 585-872-7068 or email me anytime at