It was gratifying to read in the Brighton-Pittsford Post that the town of Brighton recently joined the Climate Mayors, a network of over 250 mayors and municipal leaders, who work to support efforts for binding federal and global-level policy making.
The news item further stated that “In January, 30 Climate Mayors issued an electric vehicle request for information to show automakers and manufacturers that 114,000 of their cities’ cars and trucks could be electrified.”
Front page photos in the same issue featured a Quest Velomobile, a three-wheel vehicle with 30 gears, completely pedal-powered, using only human energy. This would be even better than the proposed electric vehicles, but serving only one person, so not as versatile as a car or truck.
Forty-five years ago a pedal-powered vehicle for two with a three-speed shift was fun but apparently never popular. Critics said that you could buy two 10-speed bikes for half the price, but the “yellow bug” was much more visible than a bike, so it should heen safer.
Americans are known for being independent, but one person to any vehicle, is extravagant. Using a bus is much more energy efficient, thus far better for the environment.
Byrna Weir