At a recent fall-themed media event in New York City, 50 representatives from various media publications tasted apple pies and crisps from different regions of the state, ultimately declaring Williamson-based Lagoner Farms’ caramel apple pecan pie the winner.
Lagoner Farms is associated with the Lake Ontario Wine Trail. The fifth-generation farm located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario has produced fruits and vegetables for over 100 years, including the Ida red and crispin apples used in the winning pie.
“We’re honored and humbled to have our homegrown apples and handmade pie appreciated by New York City-based media,” said Mitzi Lagoner, of Lagoner Farms. “A lot of effort and pride goes into each of our pies. I was up early in the morning peeling the apples, making the crust and crumb top from scratch and drizzling on the caramel topping, and that was before I found out the pie was being entered into a contest.”
Lagoner is the driving force behind the bakery at Lagoner Farms, making everything from scratch. Once she started experimenting with recipes, she put her own spin on the classic apple pie by fusing it with her husband’s favorite pie, pecan. The winning combination was an apple pie with pecan and crumb topping and caramel drizzle.
Lagoner’s pies use fruit that has been grown, harvested and prepared at the farm. Fruit is stored throughout the year to be used in baked goods year-round, but the best time to try her caramel apple pecan pie is in the fall. At this time, apples are at peak freshness and taste, and are available in numerous varieties. The apples change as the season continues, meaning the flavor of the pie is always slightly different.
Fall is peak season for Lagoner Farms. In addition to the produce and plants sold in its farm market, Lagoner Farms welcomes visitors to pick their own apples. In the bakery, the caramel apple pie is the top seller followed by apple dumplings.
“When I was first approached about the New York City contest, I just knew the apple pie had to come from Lagoner Farms,” explained Christine Worth, director of tourism at Wayne County Tourism. “We are so proud of the apples grown here in Wayne County, and are thrilled that media from the Big Apple loved them as well. This is an exciting win not just for us, but for the Finger Lakes region as a whole.”
Lagoner Farms is the site of Embark Craft Ciderworks, which creates hard cider using apples from the farm.
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