A special bond between Henderson Ford employees Tracy Thompson, team leader, and Phil Farley, sales consultant, outside of work has maintained an environment of mentorship at the Webster car dealership.
Their friendship started in 2007 when their desks were nearby one another. The automotive industry was an adjustment for Thompson, but with the motivating force and push from Farley, he gave his new opportunity a chance.
Thompson learned by listening to his co-worker, observing how he conducted transactions with his customers and walking through the selling process with Farley.
“The most important thing in the industry is developing relationships,” said Thompson, who learned this advice from Farley. “Customers are not customers, they are new friends. You want to develop and maintain relationships with the family.”
Thompson now serves as a mentor for others at the dealership. His main drive through this position is to help people make a living and grow their skill set.
“Phil has been instrumental in my career,” Thompson said. “He paved the road for me to follow after him. I am the oldest of my family and have always been the big brother, but Phil is mine.”
The two connected from the beginning. They both agree their friendship has a natural banter, is straight-forward and they have never had an argument. Outside of the Henderson Ford environment, Farley and Thompson look forward to golf tournaments, family outings and picnics and eating chicken wings at Sodus Point.
“I gained another part of my family,” Farley said. “My children love Tracy and have embraced him. Tracy and his wife have always been there for me, providing encouragement. I couldn’t ask for a better brother.”