Joe Janowicz, of Greece, and Nigel Carrington, of Rochester, recently partnered to create “Black Man White Man,” a murder mystery comic book set in Rochester.
The story follows a black police detective as he unknowingly transforms color and personality at night into a white serial killer, who murders his family and friends.
Each issue will follow the detective as he tries to prove his innocence despite the clues leading back to him. The story will feature a diverse cast of supporting characters and it travels among Rochester locales and landmarks.
The mystery will deepen as the detective separates from his wife, a Rochester TV journalist, and they both fight their emotional grief and guilt over the unsolved murder of their 5-year-old daughter. Then the ex-wife falls in love with the killer, not knowing he is plotting to kill her, too.
The first issue was introduced at this year’s RocCon at Kodak Event Center in Rochester. Carrington was the convention’s guest of honor, and he displayed his work from the comic and other books. Janowicz discussed “How to Produce Comic Books” in a planned panel discussion.
A portion of money from every comic sold in Rochester will be donated by Carrington and Janowicz to further the development of aspiring Greece and Rochester middle and high school art students. The artists are developing a planned workshop to help foster the growth of local art students across all the local communities.
Carrington moved to Rochester with his family from the island of Trinidad to pursue his dream of illustrating American comic books. Janowicz, a Kodak retiree, used his experience writing and producing Kodak TV and video programs to create the comic book.
The first issue of “Black Man White Man” was printed by Rochester’s Printing Plus, owned by Tony Burris. The 30-page, full-color comic is intended for mature readers.