On Tuesday, I read in your paper a guest essay by Joel Freedman titled "CNN has its own trust issues.” He clearly pointed out that CNN was obviously "picking and choosing" what data to use in an effort to make President Donald Trump look bad. Considering that Mr. Freedman did not vote for and is not now a Trump supporter, I have to point out that it took much strength and integrity to write this column. Congratulations for him to do this.

Then, on the very next day, this paper published another guest essay from Richard Hermann titled "Nothing but contempt," in which Richard Hermann proceeded to do all the wrong behaviors Mr. Freedman noted about CNN. Hermann displayed an amazing lack of accuracy and fairness by calling President Trump ignorant, reprehensibly racist and having a contempt for democracy among other adjectives. He justified these by doing just what CNN has done by using only half-facts and omitting those truths contrary to his opinions. I urge everyone to read both essays and see the glaring differences.

I appreciate that everyone has a right to their opinion. But newspapers also have an obligation for fairness and accuracy. Indeed, these have been the cornerstones of papers and, until recently, were the basic reasons they were purchased. While it's true that the ease of obtaining digital media news has played a significant role in newspapers' reduced circulation, an argument could be made that the trend toward less accurate and more biased reporting has also added to the shift downward in sales. Since I'm a "newspaper guy,” I truly hope that the Daily Messenger management staff moves toward having more accurate articles such as Mr. Freedman's and fewer (far fewer) like Hermann's.

Carl Eldredge


EDITOR'S NOTE: Neither of the pieces published by Joel Freedman or Richard Hermann was a news article but instead an opinion essay, published on the Daily Messenger's Opinion page. The essays are, by definition, representative of the authors' biases, just as are the letters to the editor published in this space. The Daily Messenger remains committed to the publication of a diverse array of opinions on the Opinion page and encourages submissions from all readers, regardless of political bent or bias.